Fethiye World Music Festival 14 – 17 May 2015

   The purpose of Fethiye’s World Music Festival

  •    Is to bring together in Fethiye musicians from different countries of the world for concerts that will contribute to the city’s arts and culture; bringing together different cultures thereby helping to promote friendship, mutual respect and understanding.
  •      To continue and develop the festival over the coming years, making Fethiye a showcase for international musicians and cultural exchange.
  •   To introduce Fethiye’s citizens of all generations to the music and cultures of different countries, broadening the town’s cultural horizons.

       The scope Fethiye’s festival of world music

  •     Is to warmly receive in Fethiye musicians from around the world who play their country’s indigenous music on traditional instruments, rejoicing in their ethnic traditions and national dress, creating a rich visual feast and celebrating cultural diversity.


  •        A programme of world music concerts that will be open to the public free of charge.

Participating Bands – 2015 Fethiye World Music Festival


Vivalda Dula – ANGOLA

Spritual Seasons – UKRAIN



Terms & conditions for participating in Fethiye Festival of World Music

  •     The committee of the Fethiye World Music Festival is here referred to as the ‘committee’.
  •    Musicians and dance groups participating in the Fethiye Festival of World Music is here referred to as the ‘musicians’ and he/she/they, together with their administrators will be referred to as the ‘groups.’

Travel expenses to Fethiye/Turkey to Dalaman (Dalaman airport is the closest airport to Fethiye) will be the responsibility of groups participating in to the music festival. The transfers between the Dalaman airport to Fethiye will be the responsibility of the music festival.

  •         The groups accommodations in Fethiye will be in hotels of at least three stars standards and all meals will be provided throughout the music festival.
  • The groups may attend the daily tours organized by the committee. These tours are free of charge for the groups. ( 3 daily tours organised for the groups by the committee, including 1 day boat tour)
  • The groups shall not exceed 10 musicians and dancers and  including the administrator.
  • There is restriction on the age of the musicians and dancers to be over 18 years old..
  •        The committee proposes to restrict short programmes to 15/20 minutes and long programmes 45 minutes duration.
  • During the festival the musicians will perform one short and one long programme daily, in venues to be determined by the committee.
  •        Groups give short group details and performance details to committee (songs, region, shor explanation about the group) to choose their own ethnic music repertoire.
  •        The final programme will be sent to the groups by the committee after the program
  •      The ‘committee’ will be responsible for providing all the stage, sound, light systems and the groups agree to perform free of chargeduring the festival.
  •       Groups agree that all rights of the festival, concerts and shows and the copyright to use all visual and audio recordings belong to the Fethiye Municipality and groups will be required to sign an appropriate waiver document on their arrival in Fethiye
  •        The groups bring “national flags” aprox. 1.20* 1.00 cmfrom their country.
  •        The groups arrange to arrive to Fethiye at13 May 2015 or latest 14th May morning to be together with all the participating groups at “cortege walk” which is organised at 14th May  2015 afternoon by the  Fethiye Municipality and leave the hotel 18th May 2015.
    ·        Groups can sell cds and souvenirs during the festival, selling stands will be arranged by the committee.
    ·       Groups agree to have each member having Travel Insurance for joining Fethiye World Music Festival and Fethiye Local Councel is not responsible from any injuries that might happen during the festival.


  • The festival will be from 14th / 17th May 2015 inclusive.


  • All applicants fill the application form, and send it to fethiyeworldmusic@gmail.com adding a short CV and links to a short video sample of their performance.



Fethiye World Music Festival May 2014

Application form

1. Country:
2. Participating group name:
3. Organization or institution sending the group:
    4. List of acomppanying persons (max…)  
5. Person in charge of group communications with the «Fethiye World Music Festival»
Name and surname:
E mail:
   6. Number of participating group names:
Ladies (Name and surname) Date of Birth Gentlemen(Name and surname) Date of Birth
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.
9. 9.
10. 10.
  • 7. Type of performance: ………………………….
  • 8. Language used by the group: ……………………..
  • 9. Means of transportation (aircraft/bus):  ……………………..
  • 10. Date of departure:  ……………………..
  • 11. Departure airport:  ……………………..
  • 12. Time of departure ……………………..
  • 13. Date of arrival:  ……………………..
  • 14. Arrival airport:  ……………………..
  • 15. Arrival time:  ……………………..

Festival facebook page: International Fethiye Culture and Art Festival
Festival web page:www.fethiyefestival.com

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